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Snow Day Portrait Courtesy of Winter Storm Jonas | Victoria | Brambleton, VA Photographer

Laughing Victoria

Laughing Victoria

What do photographers do when the region is in a weather-related state of emergency?

The photograph above is of Victoria, my wife, mother of my three children, and my business partner.

She and I are sitting in our reading room at home in Brambleton, VA enjoying each other's company as we watch the wind push the snowflakes down our street. As I usually do, I have a camera in hand (actually, it is Victoria's camera, but I digress). During our conversation, I say something that she finds hilarious and she laughs, and when she does, I make the photo above.

Honestly, I like this photograph. Scratch that. I love this photograph. Why? Because this is Victoria. Always smiling. Always laughing. Always.

What do photographers do during a weather-related state of emergency? We enjoy each other's company; we make each other laugh; and just as importantly, we make photographs*.

Why? So in the future when our kids and grandkids pore over each photograph in our family albums, like Victoria and I pored over our parents, grandparents, and great-grand parents albums, they will have a better idea of who we were. They will know not only that we lived, but that we loved, and that we laughed.

*and print them too!

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