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Fun At the Studio with Effervescent Natalie M.


This is Natalie, a bubbly and outgoing high school senior. She reached out to us a few months ago to schedule an outdoor senior portrait session for the warmer months. But, we were impatient to work with her, so we asked her over to do some in studio photographs. Do you blame us for not wanting to wait?

Natalie's session started like all of our sessions do with a visit with our makeup artist, Jillianna. Jillianna's easy-going nature and light conversation are key ingredients in helping our clients relax prior to their shoots. More than a few laughs were heard coming from the ladies during makeup time.

Jillianna Applying Natalie's Makeup
Jillianna at Work

After being pampered by Jillianna, Natalie was ready for her set of test photographs.

We use test photographs to check how makeup looks under studio lighting, to fine tune our lighting position and intensity, and to warm up both subject and photographer alike (much like an athlete warms up prior to playing in the big game). 

Below is our first test shot. When someone looks this good during a lighting test, you know you are going to have a fantastic session.

High-Key Natalie

During the session, we showed Natalie a few of her photographs straight out of the camera. We wanted her to see how the photos turned out and to see what things we needed to tweak to make the photographs even better. We had a blast working with each other which I think shows up in each photograph.

Fun and Fancy-free

A few days later, during her Reveal+Ordering Session (where our clients select the photographs that they want turned into wall art or put into albums), she and her mother, Holly, were blown away by how Natalie gorgeous looked in the photographs. Happy clients make us really happy.

These are only some of the photos we made that day. The rest we will share in a future post.

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Photographer: Mario Brathwaite
Make Up: Jillianna McCann

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