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Your Home Is On Fire! Quick! What Do You Grab First to Save?

Make Up: Jillianna McCann

The Lovely Madeline E.

The Lovely Madeline E.

Imagine that you wake from a sound sleep to find that your home is filled with smoke. Fire! Hurriedly, you gather your loved ones and dash to the nearest exit toward safety. Along the way, you pass many of the treasures that you’ve accumulated over your lifetime. You have the time and ability to rescue some of them as well. Which ones do you pick? Take our advice: grab the photographs.

Why the photographs?, you ask. Great question. Because, a photograph is not just a picture. It’s an heirloom. It’s family history. For example, the photograph above is of Madeline E., Olivia E.’s sister (see Olivia's post).

We love this photograph: fantastic hair, warm smile, and the energy and promise of youth. But we love it for another reason: she will never be this age again, but in this photo, she will always be 18-years-old. This 1/200th second of time is captured forever. This photograph is a time capsule. This is a glimpse into her life as it is right now, her senior year of High School. In this photograph, the rest of her life is ahead of her; each day an joyful unfulfilled promise.

Years from now her children and grandchildren will look at this photo and say “Wow, Mom! You look just like me.” or “Nana was really pretty, wasn’t she’. They will also see, if they look really closely, that unfulfilled promise that she saw. But long before kids and grandkids, Madeline, her sister, and her parents will look at this photo and see all that she is today and know that that will last well in the future. Your big screen TV, couch, and Chia pet collection can all be replaced easily. Your memories, not so much. Always grab the photographs. Always.

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