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The Best Advice Ever Received: Like Where You Are Or Don't Be There

Gnarled Sentinel at   Boneyard Beach, South Carolina

Gnarled Sentinel at Boneyard Beach, South Carolina

Mario here. I was a young college graduate in my first job. My first boss was a man of the world. In his younger days, he spent time in the Qatari oil fields working for one of the major engineering, construction, and project management companies in the world. He was many years older than me and had a world of knowledge.

One day, he and I were chatting about something, I forget the specifics, when he said something that my twenty-something ears for to be profound .

“Mario, like where you are or don’t be there."

Those words had stuck with me through my years. They have given me the courage to walk away from high paying jobs in corporate America, from less than ideal relationships, and to embrace change although the change was frightening. Life is too short, way too short in some cases, to be miserable. 

If you don’t like where you are, move, or change where you are into where you’d like to be.

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